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In- Person or Remote Parent Coaching 

Harmony at home Programmes

(for both typical and non typical developing kids)

Parent Support Project

PSP's Harmony at Home Programmes promote healthier environments by addressing homework stress and screen time.

  • Homework without tears

  • Room tidying and other minor chores

  • Play room clean up

  • Following instructions (upon the first request)

  • Emotional Regulation - using words to talk about feelings 

  • Decreasing screen time and more interaction at home

  • Bedtime routine

  • Healthy eating habits for fussy eaters

In-Person or Remote Parent Coaching

(for Children with Diagnoses or more Severe Behaviour) 

Parent Support Project

Programmes for children with deficits, learning difficulties or ASD and ADHD diagnoses, or moderate to severe behaviour:

  • Establishing and strengthening communication skills

  • Identifying motivators and Capturing engagement

  • Teaching Play skills

  • Organising successful playdates

  • Functions of Behavior - how to reduce the intensity and frequency of severe behaviour

  • Tolerating being told no and successful transitions 

  • Increasing meaningful social interaction

Programmes for Parents

Parent Support Project

Here at PSP we know that parenting can be overwhelming and exhausting. Meet with one of our Coaches, we are here to hear you out and help you put things in perspective, carve out time for yourself and feel inspired and renewed to tackle problems no matter how big or small.

  • ACT for parents group sessions 

  • Act for parents one to one sessions

  • Virtual Coffee Morning events (link to Online events booking page)

Monthly long-term programmes

Parent Support Project

Home and School ABA Programmes 

This service includes an initial Parent Interview and ABA assessment, including the Vineland-3 standardised assessment which can be used as evidence for a need for EHCP. Your Consultant will then set up a meeting to review proposed goals and together you will collaborate on final goals across all repertoires and developmental milestones, as well as behavioural targets. Your Consultant will offer both Parent Coaching and whole team Workshops to coach you and your team into teaching your child, ensuring that tactics are individualised and specific to your child's preferred learning styles.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Parent and family coaching meetings (minimum 2 sessions per month). This service can be accessed from anywhere and you can access fast and affordable support as and when you need it. Our bi-weekly check-ins will help you gain clarity on your goals as a family, and our coaches will assist you with processes and paperwork to make sure you stay on track and keep up momentum with getting the support you need. You will have access to a Whatsapp group to access fast advice and an online folder will be set up with guidance notes for target activities.

Parent Support Project
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