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 Coaching & Supervision

PSP offers professional coaching and supervision for professionals working towards their BCBA or RBT qualification. 

Enhance Your Practice with PSP

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Not from a behavioural background? PSP offers professional coaching to those who want to enrich their own practice and learn how to manage behaviours to compliment their services and achieve results and increase learner participation.

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Behavioral Integration Coaching

PSP Professional Coaching - services for Educators, private Tutors, Paraprofessionals, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and/or other professionals wanting to merge Behavioral techniques and strategies into their one to one or group sessions to maximise engagement and participation and efectively manage behaviour and build skills.

School Crisis Behavior Support Training

Whole School Training Services - Behavior Support for Crisis situations. De-escalation Intervention and intensive staff training to regain confidence and staff morale. PSP offers guidance to educational settings experiencing explosive behaviours and equips staff with tactics to help reduce behavioiur intensity and frequency and increase participation and positive experiences at school. PSP recognises that your staff may be experiencing overwhelm and burn out and will help you set up systems to increase your internal support system and build positive team approaches.

Parent Support Project
Parent Support Project

Supervision for BCBA and RBT Certification

BCBA and RBT Supervision - PSP Offers Supervision to BCBAs and RBTs seeking their certification. PSP offers a supportive and structured approach to helping you manage and organise your paperwork, and seeking out training opportunities across the entire BCBA or RBT task list so that you can enter the field with confidence and set up programmes with efficacy. Even if you hold a BCBA certificate, PSP provides coaching for complex cases, and guidance with setting up ethical and successful programs. RBT’s will be supported with resources and materials to carry out excellent session planning, data collection and effectively follow behaviour plans and interventions.

Join Our Team

Careers - Work with us and get quality supervision whilst working and gaining experience. Join our team for a supportive and positive working experience where we encourage a healthy work life balance and monthly opportunities for case reviews, research review and social networking.

Virtual Coaching Sessions by Parent Support Project
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